Buffalo Central Terminal Photo Tour

For my birthday I was given tickets to “Nights on the Concourse” at Buffalo Central Terminal http://buffalocentralterminal.org/. The event was May 8th so we got a babysitter (aka NaNa) and set out for an adventure. This tour allowed tripods which was a big part of my interest in doing this. The terminal was amazing and the volunteers were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful.

We arrived a bit late after hitting up Pearl Street Grill first.  You heard me say we had a babysitter right? We walked right in, put on a provided hard hat and proceeded to take some pictures of what our eyes were WOWED by!  This place is awesome.  It’s built a story up so the luggage was dropped off and people only had to walk downstairs to get to their trains.

There is a “Trolley Lobby” (Picture #2) that was never used!  Once the mafia of the time found out it was built, they blocked it’s use due to the possible loss in profits for their Taxi service.  They threatened zero workers for the facility once opened.

We will be back for sure! Nicole took a bunch of awesome photos too but unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of editing for fun as many photographer know with tons of clients awaiting photos!  Here’s what I came up with: [justified_image_grid ids=”8666,8767,8669,8670,8671,8672,8695,8675,8668,8674,8667,8673,8676,8728,8729,8730,8731,8733,8773,8784″]