This is a story about a small artist who won a weekend visit from the MEME ENJOYOOR.

The last week of February can be tough. The cold weather really starts to get old. You start daydreaming about the smells and sights of spring. The longer days remind you that outdoor activities aren't far away.

I spend very little time using discord. Basically login to visit the 6529 "memes chat" and share some art over at ClickCreate. There had been an uptick in contests or proposals beyond the normal giveaways hosted by the meme artists. A user named @sadhu.eth, now also referred to as MoMO, was running small challenges to win a meme card. I really didn't think much of it at first since the criteria to take part in the proposals was usually being a top holder of meme cards earning you a ranked TDH. There was something different about these games. There was a method to the madness. Less supply means more demand, especially when there are incentives for full set holders.

After becoming temporarily disillusioned with the memes after I completely missed Pebbles, the was a new proposal that involved providing negative feedback to the proposals. This seemed easy enough and I truly already had a laundry list of issues that affected me. I put my thoughts into a discord post and hoped for the best. As I mentioned in my response, the last part of this proposal involved a public vote on the top 4 answers. I was sure this aspect would surly fall someone else's way.

Something unexpected happened though. People resonated with my complaint. Some of the points I shared were shared by others and low and behold, I was chosen as the winner of the challenge.
This would actually be my 3rd Meme card won in a contest. I figured it was worth maybe a couple hundred dollars as I had not been tracking the price of any of the cards closely. Then came the offers!

Now many of you with solid bags are used to plenty of offers. I am not. With bills to pay IRL, I knew I would be selling very soon.

My decision to sell was encouraged by some of the other users in the discord which was reassuring. I tried to promote a package deal that would include one of my photos. I was inspired to do after seeing the variety of different challenges proposed by MoMO.

In the end I simply did not have time to wait. I have found that patience is one of the most underrated skills in web3. There were 3 users that expressed interest in acquiring MEME ENJOYOOR. Maybe, MintFace, and H3xum. I was in a bit of a crunch because gas was exceptionally high meaning I couldn't even accept a WETH offer if I wanted to.

Luck ended up on our side when in the 11th hour Maybe was able to borrow funds from Mintface to buy the MEME ENJOYOOR ending the 4 day visit.

Now that all the stars were aligned, I just had to move the ETH to Coinbase and then to the bank. Easy, right? No. Coinbase was down for transfers to banks! A classic reminder of the "Not Your Key, Not Your Coins" motto.

The overall experience was an adventure. I'm so fortunate to have been part of this meme card's journey, and appreciate everyone involved along the way. The 6529 community is one of the best around! Thanks for reading and remember: "Who Controls the Memes, Controls the Universe!

My seize.io profile: https://seize.io/mbstuart